You “explore” when you’re looking for the unknown; new experiences, different approaches, but also when you’re looking for your own limits…

The higher the score on “exploring”, the more curious people are about unprecedented experiences. They are stimulated by what lies behind the horizon and gain energy from adventurous challenges. They want to be able to experiment and explore both the possibilities of their environment and their own limits. They see the world through pink glasses.

Job options; Functions in which you can work innovatively or which involve a lot of movement (e.g. technician on the job), adventurous functions, media – creative – & artistic functions, sales functions in which you have to find new customers, para-military…. In short, it’s best not to have functions that require you to sit in the same office or work on the same factory belt or where the tasks are very repetitive.

The lower the score on “exploring”, the less people feel adventurous and the more they are satisfied with the situation as it is. They are not sensitive to fashion trends and are not looking for kicks. They don’t always require a challenge to perform well and are a bit suspicious of change.

Job options; functions within larger work environments, where there is less room for unforeseen circumstances and the rules of the game don’t change overnight or (indoor) functions that don’t oblige you to go outside their comfort zone.

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