We “note” when we carefully document what we think is important, by typing or writing it down and saving it.

It is a task that students should have a very good understanding of, because they have to do it almost every day.

The higher the score on “noting”, the more energy we put into carefully typing/writing, saving and managing everything that seems important. In this way we preserve the knowledge/skills we have acquired so that we can use them again in the future.

Job options: There are hardly any functions today that don’t involve administration. In other words, the higher you score on “noting”, the more possibilities you have on the job market. The most typical functions are of course the administrative and financial functions. However, there are a lot of functions where administration is an important sub-task, like for example: marketing, education, functions within the judiciary or the government.

The lower the score on “noting”, the less people like to be burdened with ‘paperwork’ and the sloppier they deal with it. Attending classes and writing everything down is not really an amusement for them.

Job options: You can imagine that as an administrative employee, bookkeeper or notary you almost exclusively have to ‘note’, so the chances are small that you would feel happy in those jobs. Jobs in which you have to “note” the least are those in which you mainly have to work with your hands. Examples are in the hospitality industry, as a salesman, sportsman or security guard … you are not overburdened with administration.  Similarly, the care sector and many creative sectors are rather administration-low.

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