How can we help your team?

What can you expect from the BasicProfileScreen team analysis?

  • A focus on the optimal cooperation between the manager and the team; maximising the potential synergy between a manager and the team, or a search for ‘the best of both worlds’.
  • Considers the team from the point of view of the impact that the manager can have on cooperation.
  • It is the starting point for more detailed advice on the level of individual cooperation, teambuilding exercise, conflict analysis, ….

The content of the team analysis is as follows:

  • Teamsheet: a summary of the main findings and tips
  • Analysis and advice team/manager
    • Typology team
    • Manager vs. team
  • Color profile
  • Detailed analysis and advice
    • Temperament
    • Dynamic
    • Social attitude
    • Professional communication
    • Thinking style
    • Role preference

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