We “send” when we have a chat with someone and share our experiences.

We also “send” when we show ourselves; haircut, clothing, jewellery and/or tattoos.

The higher the score on “sending”, the more people want to share their experiences with others and the more they want to be amongst and with people. They are open-hearted and like it when people see and hear them. They take care of their appearance and want to stand out. They also dare/will show emotions more quickly. All this makes it easier to develop bonds of friendship.

Job options: “Sending” is an important part of fluent contact skills. People who score high on “sending”, often find it easier to ‘earn their living’. Sales representatives, politicians, many managers, TV celebrities and lawyers are typical “senders”. Also think of reception functions, public relations, education, advisory functions.

The lower the score on “sending”, the less people are inclined to start a conversation themselves. They have little need to tell their own story and prefer to avoid large crowds. In a group, they feel a little uncomfortable and they don’t like to be in the spotlight. Their circle of friends will rather be limited to a small group of confidants.

Job options: It is best not to have jobs in which you have to constantly communicate with people or sell products. Think about functions where you work in silence, such as surveillance, monitoring, research & lab functions, IT, solitary functions, assistants…

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