“Steering” is very similar to steering a car.

Whoever is at the wheel determines where (direction) the ride is going and how fast or slow (pace) it is being driven. This means that people who steer, create a personal order in time (pace) and space (direction). Actually they try to arrange their future by planning their work (tempo) and keeping a goal in mind (direction).

People who score high on steering will also choose more consciously to explore or slow down. These are two other dimensions of the BasicProfileScreen matrix.

The higher the score on “steering”, the more people prefer to be able to arrange their tasks independently. They try to gain control over everything that can influence their future. They are more focused and apply structures (planning, order, systematics…) to achieve their goals.

Job options; people who score higher on “steering” enjoy jobs where everything has to be arranged and organised, but also in jobs where one may/must arrange one’s own tasks independently or simply as a self-employed person.

The lower the score on “steering”, the fewer people are willing to make a personal arrangement. They rather live in the ‘nonchalant’ future: looking ahead, preparing, organizing, deciding, arranging, making decisions … are not immediately verbs that make them excited. They expect and accept that their tasks will be arranged by others and they arrange their agenda according to the needs of the moment. Their sense of time is rather vague and their work environment is seldom neatly arranged.

Job options; Functions where you need to be able to adapt smoothly to the work coming your way. Often these are either operational or creative. “Steering” does not really play a role in IT development, consultancy and jobs in healthcare or technical services either.

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