The extensive report is immediately available to you in the digital portal after completing the personality test BasicProfileScreen. These results are not only important for you, but also for the candidate who completed the test.

Everyone who completes the professional personality test BasicProfileScreen receives a short version of the results. You will be shown the BasicProfileScreen matrix and the score on the nine competencies.

How do you interpret all the verbs in the matrix?


“Explore” is about the need for challenge and the curiosity for the unknown.
“Brake” shows the need for certainty and predictability of the familiar world or the desire for safety and security.
“Steer” reflects the need to arrange your (work) agenda and determine your own space.


“Send” shows our urge to talk and to show ourselves.
“Receive” shows our urge to listen and observe in order to gather information.
“Dictate” reflects our desire to assert our self-esteem. A higher score on dicatating means that you communicate in order to impose your will and gain social control.


“Do” means finding pleasure in manual labour and physical action.
“Think” means making abstraction of the here-and-now and searching for rational logic and numerical laws. This enables us to fathom matter and structure and to come up with theoretical concepts.
“Note” means taking pleasure in documenting and managing one’s own activities.

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